Over the past 40 years, the Jamati Services Fund has helped Jamati members from around the world who have settled in Canada and made this our permanent home.

As a Jamat, we have come together to help and support each other in good times and bad, united in our values and our conviction with the strong belief that no one person should be left behind.

We have worked together to ensure that all of us can live a life filled with hope for a better future, even as we face challenges, individually or collectively.

The JSF gives each of us reasons to contribute towards its programs and initiatives that positively change the lives of others – in areas that touch us all.

By supporting the Jamati Service Fund, you are helping the community and the people that matter to you.

Giving is easy – especially with our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPP). Monthly payments allow us to sustain programs and allow families to plan for their participation. You can change your contribution amount, any time by phone (416-646-6965 Ext. 2032) or by e-mailing at

A breakdown of the major areas of activity supported by JSF is provided below.